Kiln Firing Service

Skutt kiln

Glaser Ceramics offers ceramic firing services for the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Our large Skutt KM-1027 provides 7 cubic feet of space and fires up to cone 10.

The firing cost is based on piece size, stilting complexity, and fire temperature. For lowfire, there is a minimum price of $15 and a full kiln load cost of $45. For highfire, the cost is a flat $45 per firing. Price quotes can be provided by bringing your piece in during business hours.

We fire once per week or when we reach a kiln load, whichever comes first. An estimated firing date can be provided when dropping off your piece.

Warning: We cannot guarantee the integrity of your piece during the firing process. To reduce the chances of damage, please allow your piece to dry for a minimum of one week and thoroughly work out air bubbles from handcrafted work.

If breakage does occur the customer is still liable for firing costs.