Discontinued Duncan

The following Duncan products are discontinued as of January 2014:
Note that certain items continue to be availible in alternate sizes.

Artisan Glaze

AG407 4-oz. Mocha Frost
AG407 16 oz. Mocha Frost (sold out)

E-Z Stroke

EZ041 1-oz. Denim Blue (sold out)
EZ056 16-oz. Brick Red
EZ065 1-oz. Periwinkle (sold out)
EZ072 1-oz. Romaine (sold out)
EZ075 16-oz. Passion Red

Cover Coat

CC121 16-oz. Temple Grey (sold out)
CC134 16-oz. Stardust Blue (sold out)
CC144 16-oz. Burnt Orange (sold out)
CC169 2-oz. Peaches N' Cream
CC181 16-oz. Indian Summer (sold out)
CC183 2-oz. Cherry Red (sold out)
CC195 2-oz. Honeysuckle
CC195 16-oz Honeysuckle

French Dimensions

FD267 1.25-oz. French Scarlet (sold out)
FD273 1.25-oz. Taupe
FD276 1.25-oz. Neon Chartreuse (sold out)
FD279 1.25-oz. French Navy

Envision Glazes

IN1051 4 oz. Paprika Cream (sold out)
IN1214 16 oz. Honeysuckle Sprinkles

Designer Glazes

DG201 16-oz. Distressed Denim
DG202 16-oz. Organza Orange (sold out)
DG203 16-oz. Carbon Chiffon

Courtyard Art Glazes

CY121 4-oz. Molasses (sold out)
CY121 16-oz. Molasses (sold out)
CY123 4-oz. Rich Rust

Satin Glazes

SN368 4-oz. Rose Petal (sold out)
SN370 4-oz. Ice Blue (sold out)
SN371 4-oz. Key Lime (sold out)

Specialty Products

AS955 2 oz. Satin Sealer


OS448 2-oz. Peach
OS499 2-oz. Cornsilk Yellow (sold out)
OS504 2-oz. Country Rose (sold out)
OS533 2-oz. Rosy Brown (sold out)
OS547 2-oz. Bisque White (sold out)
OS549 2-oz. Prairie Olive (sold out)
OS550 2-oz. Papaya
OS552 2-oz. Raspberry Cream (sold out)
OS553 2-oz. Glacier Blue (sold out)
OS555 2-oz. New Leaf (sold out)
OS560 2-oz. Summer Blue
OS563 2-oz. Candy Apple (sold out)
OS574 2-oz. Burgundy (sold out)
OS575 2-oz. Country Rose (sold out)
OS579 2-oz. Sherwood Dark (sold out)
OS589 2-oz. Sunflower (sold out)
OS590 2-oz. Green Tomato (sold out)

Liquid Pearls

PL184 1-oz. Purple Iris (sold out)
PL187 1-oz. Ice Blue (sold out)
PL197 1-oz. Champagne Ice (sold out)
PL212 1-oz. Golden Brown (sold out)
PL214 1-oz. Golden Ivory (sold out)
PL226 1-oz. Gold Lame (sold out)
PL232 1 oz. Glorious Green (sold out)
PL233 1 oz. Rich Ruby (sold out)
PL235 1-oz. Black (sold out)

Translucent Stains

TS551 2 oz. White (sold out)


The following Duncan products are discontinued as of January 2015:
Note that certain items continue to be availible in alternate sizes or newer formulations.

Duncan Concepts

CN061 2-oz. Light Salsa (sold out)
CN061 8-oz. Light Salsa (sold out)
CN071 2-oz. Light Scarlet (sold out)
CN071 8-oz. Light Scarlet (sold out)
CN163 2-oz. Dark Wintergreen (sold out)
CN163 8 oz. Dark Wintergreen (sold out)
CN322 2-oz. Bright Plum (sold out)
CN322 8 oz. Bright Plum (sold out)
CN331 2-oz. Light Olive (sold out)
CN331 8 oz. Light Olive (sold out)

E-Z Stroke

EZ014 1-oz. Jade Green (sold out)
EZ043 1-oz. Mint Julep (sold out)
EZ052 1-oz. Pecos Pink (sold out)
EZ064 1-oz. Concord Grape (sold out)

Cover Coat

CC196 2-oz. Fruit Punch (sold out)
CC196 16-oz. Fruit Punch (sold out)

French Dimensions

FD254 1.25-oz. Black Licorice
FD258 1.25-oz. Pure White
FD265 1.25-oz. French Straw
FD266 1.25-oz. French Papaya
FD268 1.25-oz. French Wine (sold out)
FD269 1.25-oz. French Plum (sold out)
FD270 1.25-oz. French Delft (sold out)
FD271 1.25-oz. French Kiwi
FD272 1.25-oz. French Briarwood (sold out)
FD274 1.25-oz. Light Pink
FD275 1.25-oz. Neon Blue
FD278 1.25-oz. French Really Red

Satin Glazes

SN381 4-oz. Fruit Punch (sold out)
SN381 16-oz. Fruit Punch (sold out)

Crystal Glazes

CR857 4-oz. Alpine Meadow (sold out)
CR857 16-oz. Alpine Meadow (sold out)
CR923 8-oz. Raspberry Lemonade (sold out)
CR20088 8-oz. Blueberry Ice
CR20091 8-oz. Harvest Time

Renaissance Glazes

RG703 8-oz. Rustic Mustard
RG706 8-oz. Frosted Brick
RG708 8-oz. Pastel Peach
RG710 8-oz. Buff Clay
RG711 8-oz. Burnt Apricot
RG713 8-oz. Spiced Cream
RG714 8-oz. Pistachio Nut
RG716 8-oz. Henna
RG717 8-oz. Indigo
RG719 8-oz. Rutile Haze
RG720 8-oz. Burnt Jade
RG721 8-oz. Opal Lustre
RG723 8-oz. Melted Caramel
RG724 8-oz. Buttermilk