Clay and Slip

Glaser Ceramics has moist clay, dry clay, and slip available for in-store pickup. Please call ahead for orders in excess of 500 lbs. of clay or 25 gallons of slip to ensure quick processing.

Moist Clay

All clay is available in 25 lb. blocks or 50 lb. boxes (2 blocks).

Clay Cone Description
DPS 210W
Lowfire White
Cone 06-2 This fantastic white clay is superior for hand building and wheel work. Make it thin, make it thick, bisque it slow; you'll be amazed how few cracklings and explosions there are. Very popular in the classroom as it is compatible with all commercial lowfire glazes. Bisque it cone 03, oxidation only.
DPS 210R
Lowfire Red Earth/Fine Sand
Cone 06-2 This light Indian red clay works the same as DPS 210. It's perfect for when a little color is desirable. Bisque it cone 03, oxidation only.
DPS 60
Cream Stoneware
Cone 5-6 This stoneware clay fires to a cream color. DPS 60 is a great all-purpose clay. This very plastic, throwing body works well for large or small pieces. DPS 60 also works well for hand building sculptures. Oxidation and reduction firings.
Brown Stoneware
Cone 5-6 Brownstone fires to a warm brown color and is one of our most popular clay bodies. This clay is very plastic and works great on the wheel and for hand-building. Oxidation only.
White Porcelain
Cone 6-10 This pure white porcelain clay body is extremely smooth. This clay throws well with excellent plasticity.
Raku Cone 06-05 This extremely plastic clay body fires to cone 06. Our Raku formula readily accepts reduction and thermal shock. This Raku also works well as a coarser lowfire clay body.