• Virma 021 Mug Wrap Sayings "Friend" and Friendship Decal

 Mug Wrap Sayings Decals.  17 different sayings 2 of each, 2x1.5 largest dimensions

1. "Thanks For Being My Friend!"
2. "A Friend is There To Care!"
3. "Friends Are Never Far Apart in Heart!"
4. "A Friend is Someone who listens with the heart!"
5. "Friendships Are Made toe me Shared!"
6. Of all the pleasures life can bring, FRIENDSHIP is The Sweetest Thing!
7. Friends are always at home in our hearts
8. Friendship is remembering the good times and sharing the happy times
9. The most precious Antique is an old Friend
10. It is a special gift from God to find a friend who will remain a friend forever.
11.Don't wak in front of me, I may not follow, Don't walk behind me I may not lead, Just walk beside me, and me my friend.
12. Friendship is reaching for someones hand and touching their heart
13. There are precious few as nice as you
14. A friend is a very special blessing
15. A good friend is one who knows where you've been accepts you for what you are, and encourages you to grow
16. A good friend is forever
17. God made you special


  1. Pick out the decoration that intend to apply.  Cut it out from the sheet entirely.
  2. Place the decal in warm water.  The sheet will roll up and become flat again in 15 to 20 seconds.
  3. Remove the decals from the water.  Separate the white sheet from the transfer.
  4. Wet the piece with warm water.  Put the transfer on the piece and adjust the design to the correct position.
  5. Eliminate any excess water and bubbles from the piece using a squeegee or hand toweling.
  6. Let the piece dry for 24 hours at temperature.  The piece will then be ready to fire.
  7. The suggested temperature is cone 015, 016, 017 for the regular decals and 017, 018 for the gold decals.

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Virma 021 Mug Wrap Sayings "Friend" and Friendship Decal

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