Low Fire/No Fire Piping Paste:

  • Comes in a 4 oz. jar the consistency of paste.
  • Satin finish.
  • For a more durable surface for ceramics and glass, fire to cone 016-015.  The hotter it is fired, the shiner it becomes.
  • Can be used on glass, fired ceramic surface, wood, paper, craft surfaces, and more!
  • Non-toxic; food safe
  • Paste cures or air dries in 24 hours when used on a non-fired surface.
  • Can be brushed on or piped on using squeeze applicator bottles with tips attached.
  • Can be used as an outline.  It is raised off the surface of the glass and creates a dam so that you can apply your color inside the areas and not go over your outline.
  • Can be used as a grout.  Apply a thin (transparent) application to glass and then press frit, buffalo chips or any piece of glass into the paste and it will hold it in place. Because of the elasticity in the paste you can use different COE's on the same piece without fracturing  when doing the grout technique.  Test before doing a large piece.

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Black Low/No Fire Piping Paste

  • Item Code: EARTH BLFP-4
  • $11.75

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