• ThinFire Paper: 20" x 20"

Measures 20" by 20" and separates glass from kiln shelf.  One-time use.

Manufacturer's Description

Thinfire is a ceramic-impregnated shelf paper that provides excellent separation between glass and kiln shelf in firing applications up to 1600° (871° C). Compared to more conventional ceramic fiber materials, it produces a glossier finish on the shelf side of your project, creates less binder-burnout odor, and is lighter in weight (for easier handling and storage). Compared to kiln washes, ThinFire reduces shelf preparation time and improves surface release.

Usage and Cleanup

ThinFire Shelf Paper is intended for single use. Position it on the kiln shelf as you would any lightweight ceramic fiber material. A single layer will prevent molten glass from sticking to your shelf at temperatures up to 1600° F (871° C).

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ThinFire Paper: 20" x 20"

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