• Skutt Prodigy Potters Wheel

The Prodigy pottery wheel is the perfect model for schools. It is easy to clean because the wheel head comes off. Students can take the whole one-piece pan to the reclaimer for dumping and then to the sink for a final rinse. From the motor to the foot pedal, these things are built to handle all the abuse the classroom can dish out. Plus it’s all backed by the best 10-year parts and labor warranty in the business.

What's Included

Packed with the wheel you will find the following items:

  • Wheel Head
  • Splash Pan
  • Foot Pedal (Attached)
  • Bat Pins
  • Skutt Manual

New SMOOTH Foot Pedal Technology

Skutt tasked their engineers to find a watertight, more responsive, longer-lasting potentiometer and we think they hit a home run. Newly equipped with frictionless nylon bushings, this pedal feels like an extension of your foot.

Most Powerful

All Skutt Motors are Continuous Duty Motors. You can tell by their size they're different from other wheel motors: they have way more torque for their horsepower rating than other wheels. The Prodigy has had up to 6-foot tall pots thrown on the 1/3 HP motor and it showed no signs of straining. Want even more torque? Upgrade to 1/2 or 1 HP models.

For years wheel companies have been trying to one-up each other on how much clay their wheel can center. The bottom line is, there's no scientific way to measure this. The skill of the potter and the plasticity of the clay will always vary. The only way to measure a wheel's power scientifically is with an instrument that can measure torque at the wheel head. Well, Skutt did that and their wheels have the most torque.

Better Control – SSX Controller

These controllers utilize an extra-large capacitor to store power and then feather it in when you want to change speed. This is critical when throwing large pieces at slow speeds to avoid sudden surges that will damage your pots.

Due to the fact that Skutt wheels have enough power, they turned off a feature found on most wheel controllers called IR Comp. IR Comp is a setting on the controller that acts like cruise control in your car. We all have experienced that cruise control can be a little jerky at times. Skutt motors don't need it, so they don't turn it on.

Easy and Convenient

Skutt has the only wheel head on the market that can be popped off with the flick of a wrist. On removable splash pan models, this allows Skutt to utilize a one-piece splash pan that won't leak and can be carried directly to the clay reclaimer in one piece without having to empty it and take it apart.

Manufacturer 10-Year Warranty

Take one look at Skutt's wheels and it's quite clear they're built to last. From the heavy-duty casted metal frame and foot pedal to the superior electronics, they're built with the hopes that you'll use this wheel for the rest of your life. Skutt is proud to support it with the best customer and technical support in the industry. Talk to an actual person who is eager to help you!

Made in the USA

Skutt has been manufacturing in the USA for over 70 years. Their employees are highly skilled and take pride in building you the best equipment. Their technical support team is available 5 days a week and can walk you through any issue you may encounter to help you keep on making great things.

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Skutt Prodigy Potters Wheel

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