Basket Lamp Kit. Through the Handle Style. Fits Handles Up to 5/8" Thick. Requires 3/8" Diameter Hole. Brass Plated Hardware. Pre-Assembled Socket. Comes with 6’ Brown cord, which Exits From SIDE of Socket. Thru the Handle Kits

1. Screw 1/2" Threaded

Nipple (A) about halfway into

Socket (B). Note: Do not

thread Nipple too far up into

Socket as this may damage

power cord.

2. Screw Brass Riser (C) all

the way onto exposed portion

of 1/2" Nipple until it fits

snugly against Socket.

3. Thread Locknut (D) onto

very end of 1" Nipple (E).

4. Slip Rubber Washer (F)

onto 1" Nipple.

5. Pass exposed portion of 1"

Nipple up through a 3/8" hole

drilled in your basket's


6. While holding 1" Nipple

assembly in position, slip

decorative Brass Washer (G)

over exposed portion of


7. Thread Locknut (DD) all

the way down Nipple so that

it fits snugly against Brass

Washer (G) resting on basket

handle. Do not overtighten!

8. Thread Socket assembly

onto 1" Nipple so that Brass

Riser fits snugly against

Locknut. Do not overtighten!

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ELK 011 Basket Lamp Kit

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