• Kiln Wash (12 oz.)

Kiln wash is a protective coating applied to the top surface of the shelves.  This coating provides a layer of protection against glaze and other higher firing clays from adhering to the kiln shelf. NOT compatible with Mayco kiln wash.


Apply three thin coats (milk consistency) to the top of each kiln shelf with a large house brush. Allow to dry completely before firing.  Kiln wash is not applied to the lid, sitter, elements, or the undersides of the shelves.  Kiln wash will last many firings and it is not necessary to reapply unless the surface has flaked or has a lot of glaze build up on them.  Simply scrape off any buildups of glaze with a putty knife.  If glaze remains on the shelf, use a belt sander with coarse grit to remove it and then reapply kiln wash.  A new application of kiln wash is required prior to firing any glass in the kiln.

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Kiln Wash (12 oz.)

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