Create a beautiful patters on any soft medium, including clay, porcelain, polymer clay, cookie dough, and fondant. SMR mini stamps measure 0.4" (1 cm) wide by 2" (5 cm) long.

About Wood Stamps

MKM stamps are exquisitely carved, featuring unique designs that release effortlessly from clay. Crafted from precision-cut wood, these stamps create deep and beautiful impressions. The mini stamp's bevel carving ensures easy release from clay, and all MKM wood tools are finished with a durable coating to guarantee years of use. Cleaning is simpleā€”just use water and a soft toothbrush. However, avoid soaking them in water for extended periods.

SMR stamps are versatile and can be used on pinch pots, slab pieces, and thrown works to add unique designs. The deep carving of MKM stamps allows for strong impressions without leaving an undesired circle around your design.

MKM stamps are compatible with various clays, including natural, polymer, and metal clays. Additionally, they are finished with food-grade oil, making them perfect for creating decorative impressions on fondant and dough.

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Double Heart Mini Round Stamp

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