• Small Marking Dot

The Small Marking Dot is a versatile decorating disk and trimming wheel in one essential tool for pottery and ceramics. This innovative device features a measurement around its circumference, providing a quick and easy reference guide for creating precise marking divisions in your decorating designs. It includes popular even and odd diagram divisions, ensuring convenience and accuracy in your artistic endeavors.

The Marking Dot is not just a decorating disk; it also excels as a trimming wheel, supporting all your wheel trimming needs. Crafted from precision-machined aluminum wheels and stainless-steel ball bearings, it offers smooth rotation and lasting durability. The clear plastic disk is imprinted with accurate measurements, further enhancing its usability.

The Marking Dot is a must-have tool for ceramic artists seeking efficiency and precision in their craft. Enhance your pottery projects with the Marking Dot's versatility and reliability today.

Measures 2.5" in diameter. Also available in medium and large disk sizes.

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Small Marking Dot

  • Item Code: XIEM MDS-10494
  • UPC: 855852008748
  • MPN: MDS-10494
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  • $13.95

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