Acrylic Ornament Topper

This Project Uses


  1. Brush the ornaments as shown with the colors listed. Start with the largest area then apply the details last. Also start with the lighter color from the list then shade with the darker color, such as the top ornament with base coated with SS-92 Royal Fuchsia then shaded with SS-176 Christmas Red.
  2. Brush Shimmering Silver to the inverted area of the pink and purplish bulb, then apply color to the detail, leaving the edges in silver. Brush Emperor’s Gold to the indented area of the red bulb before detailing with the pinks.
  3. The purplish bulb is base coated with SS-135 White, for the detail it has a mix of SS-176 Christmas Red and SS-335 Rich Blue, this will give it a bluish-purple shade. Brush to the center detail and on the band and floated around the edges.
  4. Paint ornament caps with SS-81 Shimmering Silver or SS-87 Emperor’s Gold, some of the trim on the ornaments is Shimmering Silver.
  5. Brush the leaves last with SS-57 Accent Green, dry brush with SS-288 Bright Green, highlight with a dry brush of SS-45 Buttermilk in the green brush. Paint the berries with SS-176 Christmas Red.
  6. With a soft brush apply a coat of SS-113 White Iridescent to the bulbs and berries.

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