Jolly Ol Elf Santa Ornament

This Project Uses

  • Santa Ornament bisque (DUNCA 32846)
  • Light Pink (DUNCA CN341-002)
  • Dark Black (DUNCA CN253-002) Discontinued
  • Bright Saffron (DUNCA CN022-002) Discontinued
  • Dark Scarlet (DUNCA CN073-002) Discontinued
  • Pure Brilliance (4 oz.) (DUNCA PB001-004) Discontinued
  • No. 1 Liner brush (DUNCA SB802) Discontinued
  • No. 6 Round brush (DUNCA SB806) Discontinued
  • No. 6 Fan Glaze brush (DUNCA SB807) Discontinued


Bring to life everyone’s favorite man in a red suit with some Duncan® Concepts color and the Duncan® Oh Four® Santa ornament. This jolly fella is fun to create and will look great on your tree for years to come.

  1. Wipe Santa with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.
  2. Transfer pattern to Santa using pencil and tracing paper.
  3. Paint three coats of Light Pink to Santa’s face. Let dry.
  4. Dilute some Dark Scarlet and dot cheeks and add a dab for lips.
  5. Brush three coats Dark Scarlet to Santa’s hat, nose and suit. Refer to photo.
  6. Brush three coats Bright Saffron to belt buckle.
  7. Brush two coats Black to boots and belt strap.
  8. Dot two eyes with Black using handle end of brush.
  9. Dilute Black to a gray color and make lines through whiskers, shadow under cuffs, detail in belt buckle and line for thumbs.
  10. Add a small amount of Black to the Dark Scarlet and add a line under whiskers and jacket. Let dry thoroughly.
  11. Brush a coat of Pure Brilliance to front and back of ornament. Let dry.
  12. Stilt on kiln shelf and fire to cone 06.

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