• Bartender's Favorite Martini Ornament

Bartender's Favorite Martini Ornament

This Project Uses


  1. Wipe ornament with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.
  2. Lightly with pencil, draw lines across stem of glass and base. Refer to photo.
  3. Trace olive pattern on small piece of shelf paper. Cut out olive shape and stick to martini ornament as a mask. (You can also freehand olive shape if preferred.)
  4. If using olive mask, brush three coats Bright Straw on top part of martini glass ornament. Let dry. (If shape is drawn, avoid painting in olive shape.)
  5. Remove olive stencil. Brush three coats Light Kiwi in olive. Let dry.
  6. Brush a line of Bright Caribbean on lower part of olive and blend to create shadow.
  7. Dab a dot of Neon Red at end of olive for pimento.
  8. Use a circle template and draw a few small, various size circles. Paint with a coat of Neon Orange. Dab a few smaller Neon Red circles. Let dry.
  9. Draw 4-5 lines across the stem of martini glass. Paint top segment with three coats Light Kiwi and the next segment with Bright Caribbean. Continue painting, alternating colors. Let dry.
  10. Use pencil and freehand the two sections on base. Paint with three coats Neon Orange. Refer to photo.
  11. Line the Bright Caribbean areas with French Dimensions Neon Blue and make a line of French Dimensions French Papaya down the orange stripe at base of cup.
  12. Make a few dots inside cup with French Dimensions Really White to suggest bubbles. Let dry thoroughly.
  13. Brush a light coat of Pure Brilliance to martini ornament. Let dry.
  14. Stilt on kiln shelf and fire to cone 06.

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