• Skutt Premier Potters Wheel

Made for Big Pot Potters

The Premiere, with it's continuous-duty 1 HP motor is hands down the strongest wheel on the market. The enormous splash pan not only holds a ton of trimmings, the wheel head pops right off so you can carry the pan to your reclaimer in one piece or just leave it off and use the biggest bat you can find. Upgrade to the ultra silky smooth performance of the SSX controller and you may never have to make another potter's wheel purchase again.

Built Like a Tank

Everything on this wheel is stout! Potters can put a lot of force on a wheel. We use them to brace our legs, we push around clay on the wheel head, heck, sometimes we even stand on it. You want that base to feel solid!

The frame of the Premiere is made of powder-coated, 5/16" cast aluminum. The legs are 1/8" thick steel. The wheel head is the thickest on the market and the motor is the biggest.

If you are looking for a wheel you can pick up and take on a picnic, this one might not be for you. If you are looking for a wheel that will last a lifetime, look no further!

Handles Like a Sports Car

If wheels were fabrics this one would be silk. The smoothness of a wheel is determined by a lot of things; the controller, the motor, the belt, the foot pedal, they all have to work together in a choreographed dance at high speeds, at low speeds, with a lot of clay and with very little. No one did a better job at coordinating these elements than Tom Forte when he designed this wheel. Sure, it's quiet, but isn't it more important not to flop an 18″ porcelain platter?

The Motor

Skutt is the only company we know of that uses a Continuous Duty motor. These motors are tested under much more rigorous conditions so they need to be built tougher. That means heavy-duty components that can stand up to the strain students (and big pot potters) can subject them to. The Premiere is equipped with a 1 HP motor, the strongest Skutt provides. Sometimes bigger is better!

The Controller

Okay, this might get a little technical. Skutt's controllers use only the highest-quality components. If you look at their controller side be side with competitors you will see that Skutt's is often twice the size. This allows for larger, more robust components that are spaced properly to reduce heat.

Controllers have settings that determine the min/max speed, the torque, the rate at which the wheel head speeds up and slows down, and something called IR Comp. IR comp on a potters wheel is designed to send more power to the wheel when it feels that it's being bogged down like when you are centering a large amount of clay or maybe when a student wants to see how strong they are. When you take your hands off the clay, the additional power to the wheel is brought back to normal because the resistance is gone. The problem with this is that these surges may not be perfectly smooth. If you are throwing a big platter this is not good.

This is why all Skutt Wheels are shipped with IR Comp turned off. Our research tells us that most potters prefer to control the needed power with the foot pedal.

The Wheel Head

The Wheel Head on all Skutt Electric Wheels is removable! No, not with a screwdriver and a Ph.D. in Engineering. Just twist and pull up! This innovative design allows you to have full access to your splash pan for cleaning. If you have one of our removable splash pan designs you will definitely appreciate our one-piece splash pan. No longer will you need to fuss with cleaning out your splash pan before you can bring it to the sink to clean like two piece pans. Just bring it straight to your clay reclaimer or trash can and dump it. It's that easy! It's also the thickest wheel head on the market so it will never wear thin, will not flex, and is nearly impossible to bend.

The Shaft

The biggest test of your wheel head shaft is to turn it loose on a big pot potter. We've seen artists throw pots on oversized bats that are over 6 feet tall! When you get that much clay, cantilevered out, that high, it puts a tremendous amount of stress on your shaft. With a shaft nearly twice the diameter of the competition, the Skutt Premier handles it with ease!

The Foot Pedal

When you are talking about foot pedals the 3 most important factors are: the smoothness, how it ergonomically fits your foot, and how durable it is. Check, check, and check! It was designed by a potter so it has to be smooth and feel good on the foot. Skutt wanted to sell the Premier to schools and knew the constant abuse they would be subjected to so it was built stout using metal parts where others used plastic. You are going to love this foot pedal.

The Warranty

You will see all kinds of warranties out there. Some are longer, some are shorter, some cover just parts, and some are pro-rated. The bottom line is that a warranty is only as good as the reputation of the company standing behind it. With Skutt, you won’t get excuses, you will get satisfaction. The Skutt Premier pottery wheel's warranty is five years, covers parts and labor, and is never pro-rated!

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Skutt Premier Potters Wheel

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