• Skutt KM714 Kilnmaster

The compact and versatile KM714 is the perfect blend of a home studio model and a great production studio kiln. It's easy to load for those who are vertically challenged while still including all the bells and whistles of a larger kiln.

Sophisticated, Yet Easy to Use

  • Write your own firing programs with up to 32 segments using Ramp and Hold.
  • Stores up to 12 programs or use the tried and true factory default programs in ConeFire Mode
  • Built-in diagnostics give you or our technicians the ability to diagnose kiln problems with a few presses of a button.
  • Safety features prevent accidental starts and overfires.
  • Track your firing costs and the number of firings.
  • Fuse glass, slow-cool cone 6 glazes, grow crystals, and more! Whatever you want, this controller can handle.

Current Sensing Technology

Skutt is one of the few brands with a current sensor in every kiln. This allows you to read the Amperage of each section of the kiln as well as the voltage and voltage under load.

Now with the touch of a few buttons, you can give those readings over the phone to your kiln repair technician so they can troubleshoot the problem.

Prior to the use of these current sensors, someone would have to come to your house and test the amperage and voltage inside the control box with live wires exposed.

Balanced Elements

A large amount of the heat you lose in your kiln passes to through the lid and slab of your kiln. To compensate for this, Skutt directs more heat to these areas when they design the elements. The KM714 has twice the element grooves for more design flexibility.

It also gives you more loading options since it is always recommended to have at least one element radiating between each layer of shelves. Oh and by the way, twice the grooves means you get twice the amount of element wire, which means each element doesn’t have to work as hard, which means longer element life! Whew!

The Thermocouple

  • An exposed thermocouple equals faster reaction time and higher accuracy firing.
  • Inexpensive, and easy and quick to replace.
  • Type S (Platinum) upgrades are available for super durability.
  • A replacement thermocouple is automatically included with the kiln.

Volts 208/240
Cone 8
Chamber Width 14.38"
Chamber Depth 13.5"

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Skutt KM714 Kilnmaster

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