• Acrylic Pumpkin Topper

Acrylic Pumpkin Topper

This Project Uses


  1. On 04 bisque, brush on SS-210 Orange to the pumpkins, shade the shadow and the lines of the pumpkins with SS-211 Orange Rust. Dry Brush the pumpkins with SS-210 Orange add SS-111 Brightest Yellow to the brush for high lights.
  2. Brush the straw with SS-254 Golden Ochre, brush over the straw with a thinned coat of SS-234 Medium Mocha, wipe back with a soft cloth before it dries. Dry brush the straw with SS-254 Golden Ochre and SS-3 Honey Toast.
  3. Paint the sunflowers with SS-111 Brightest Yellow, in the center of the petals, brush a stroke of SS-3 Honey Toast. Brush the centers of the sunflowers and pumpkin stems with SS-24 Chocolate Fudge. Dry Brush the stems and sunflower centers with SS-234 Medium Mocha.
  4. Brush the leaves with SS-276 Forest Green, dry brush with SS-376 Limeburst.
  5. To separate and give the pumpkins depth, float SS-234 Medium Mocha between the pumpkins, use a smaller round to brush a thinned Medium Mocha on the section lines of the pumpkins.
  6. Outline around the petals with the Chocolate Fudge use the detail brush.

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