Duncan Envision Discontinuation

Mayco is discontinuing the Duncan Envision glazes line on February 1, 2023. Select colors will be moved to the Mayco Foundations and Elements lines, the rest will (sadly) be discontinued.

Duncan Envision to Mayco Transition

Duncan Mayco
IN1003 Sun Yellow FN232 Sun Yellow
IN1005 Ruby Red FN233 Ruby Red
IN1011 Royal Purple FN234 Royal Purple
IN1013 Denim Blue EL152 Denim Blue
IN1015 Caribbean Blue EL153 Caribbean Blue (CL label)
IN1017 Sea Mist Green EL154 Sea Mist Green (CL label)
IN1018 Celadon FN235 Celadon
IN1019 Holiday Green EL155 Holiday Green (CL label)
IN1027 Spiced Cream FN239 Spiced Cream
IN1032 Miami Pink FN236 Miami Pink
IN1036 Bluegrass EL156 Bluegrass (CL label)
IN1037 Leaf Green EL157 Leaf Green (CL label)
IN1065 Light Turquoise FN237 Light Turquoise
IN1603 Autumn EL158 Autumn
IN1609 Emerald Green EL159 Emerald Green (CL label)
IN1634 Royal Blue FN238 Royal Blue
IN1640 Foliage Green EL160 Foliage Green (CL label)
IN1653 Downright White FN055 Downright White
IN1669 Bottle Green EL161 Bottle Green (CL label)
IN1673 Espresso TBA
IN1781 Pumpkin Orange FN240 Pumpkin Orange

Duncan Envision Discontinued

Duncan Recommended Alternative
IN1026 Very Black FN009 Black
IN1042 Grey None
IN1053 Harvest FN044 Yellow-Orange
IN1056 Aqua Fresca FN042 Teal Blue
IN1058 Clover FN020 Medium Green
IN1062 Light Kiwi FN007 Green
IN1075 Cobalt Blue FN019 Dark Blue
IN1100 White FN001 White
IN1204 Neon Orange FN003 Orange
IN1206 Neon Red FN004 Red
IN1613 Black FN009 Black