• MO-RE Spray N' Fuse Mold Release Spray (8 oz.)

MO-RE is a high purity boron nitride solvent with exceptional release for Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Frit Casting Molds.

  - Glass release clean with no spiked edges or film left behind

  - Non-Flammable


1.  Shake can vigorously for 1 min. before use to ensure proper suspension of contents.

2.  Hold can at a 45 degree angle during application

3.  Distance the can 10 to 14 inches (26-36 cm) from object

4.  Spray in a swift, sweeping motion beginning off surface of object, continuing off other side

5.  On needed basis, rotate small objects

6.  Allow full 5-10 min. drying time

7.  Apply a light second coating once first coat has completely dried

This is a self-leveling product; initial application will appear wet.

If glass is difficult to release, a full drying time was not applied.

If you find the product is leaving 'scum or glass' - too much product has been applied.

Once MO-RE is applied to ceramic molds, other primers will no longer be effective.

MO-RE can withstand firing schedules from 500 degrees F/260 degrees C to 1600 degrees F/872 degrees C.

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MO-RE Spray N' Fuse Mold Release Spray (8 oz.)

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